Acer Veriton P130 F3
14 Feb

Acer Veriton P130 F3

Acer Veriton P130 F3      P130F3-zoom-big

The Acer Veriton P130 F3 workstation supports Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 processors and a wide range of the latest NVIDIA® graphics cards to deliver rock-solid performance and great flexibility. With power-saving hardware as well as substantial advancements in HDD and memory maximization, the P130 F3 offers a comprehensive solution for all business scenarios.

Powerful performance, professional presence
The Veriton P130 F3 provides performance and reliability for our most demanding users, like designers, engineers and research professionals. Harnessing NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs with NVIDIA® Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology, these systems can process billions of triangles per second to deliver professional 3D performance.

Comprehensive storage support and memory capacity
This workstation features a brand-new Intel® architecture, an increased memory capacity of 32 GB, and higher performance capabilities. It also uses industry-leading 22 nm processors that can handle large workloads more efficiently. To further satisfy the demands of businesses, these workstations contain flexible expansion slots and up to 16 TB of space for data storage.

Cost-effective expandability, green computing
The Veriton P130 F3 is built around an easy-access chassis that offers convenient access to its internal components, reducing maintenance and service costs. This workstation is also ENERGY STAR® certified and equipped with an 80 PLUS® power supply for maximum energy efficiency.