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14 Nov

Trend Micro


Smart, simple, security that fits

Our mobile, social, and collaborative lifestyles have transformed the way we use technology at home, at work, and everywhere in between. We want – and need – to secure our devices, personal information, and business data; to keep our families safe online, and our employees productive; to take advantage of all that new technologies can offer us while minimizing the risk.


The Trend Micro Smart Protection Strategy does all this with:

– Smart protection that’s layered, intelligent, and works in real time

– Simple to manage protection that’s purpose-built, easy to deploy, and light on system resources

– Security that fits a dynamic environment, adapting to new technologies and anticipating new threat trends


Three trends driving change in the landscape require a dedicated security focus to

1) secure all end-user activity, regardless of device

2) secure cloud and virtual data centers

3) enable advanced cyber security against targeted attacks. Only Trend Micro has the strategy, technology, and customer insight to deliver smart, simple, security that fits your needs.

14 Nov

10 Amazing Adobe Illustrator Tips That Changed How I Design

We’ve all had that mixed feeling of elation and frustration when we discover a new tip or technique in a design app. You’re both amazed at how easy this new technique is while in disbelief that you never knew about it before! I’ve put together a list of the top 10 Illustrator tips I’ve learned over the years that have completely changed how I design. Hopefully, you’ll learn a few new techniques too that will completely transform your everyday workflow. More

11 Nov

28 Amazing Photoshop CC Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

In this video I’ll cover 28 great features, tricks, hacks, and more of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015; some simple, some difficult, some well known, some are more like Easter eggs. If you want to learn about multiple layer styles, layer mask tricks, whitening teeth, black and white photos, precision with the Brush tool, and a bunch more, this is the tutorial for you!

Watch the video here: More

10 Nov

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

This video gives you an overview of all the features included in the Adobe Creative Cloud package. (Watch, 2 min)

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10 Nov

Adobe Capture CC

From inspiration to asset creation. Click. Capture. Create.

Turn any photo into a color theme, Look, vector graphic or unique brush that you can use in your creative projects.

Watch video below: More

9 Nov

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix in action.

Photoshop Fix puts professional Photoshop editing tools in a friendly mobile interface so you can quickly repair or refine any image, anywhere you are. And because it integrates with Creative Cloud, you can easily send your images to Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC or Photoshop Mix to take them to the next level. More

8 Nov

Basic Photoshop Tricks For Beginner

Find out all Photoshop’s new features and how they work within Creative Cloud to speed up your workflow and collaborative projects. Adobe Creative Cloud’s image-editing powerhouse Photoshop CC slots into the centre of your creative workflow perfectly. Not only does it integrate beautifully with the likes of After Effects CC and Illustrator CC, it also enables you to upload to the Cloud or Behance without even leaving the app. In addition, Generator technology will add a new dimension to your workflow. But do you know all the cool features in the latest edition of Photoshop?

7 Nov

Top 5 Creative Cloud Tips (and Benefits) from Dave Cross

Our team noticed Photoshop trainer, author, speaker and photographer, Dave Cross (@DaveCross) sharing Creative Cloud tips on Twitter, so we tapped him to see if he’d be up for sharing his insights with our Creative Layer readers. Dave told us that in the relatively short time that he’s been an Adobe Creative Cloud member, he’s already benefited in some unexpected ways, and continues to see additional opportunities where he can take advantage of Creative Cloud features. Here are Dave’s top 5 Creative Cloud tips (and really some benefits), written by the pro himself: More