Adobe Photoshop Fix

/ / Tips & Techniques / November 9, 2016

Photoshop Fix in action. Photoshop Fix puts professional Photoshop editing tools in a friendly mobile interface so you can quickly repair or refine any image, anywhere you are. And because it integrates with Creative Cloud, you can easily send your images to Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC or Photoshop Mix to take them to the next level.

Retouch and restore

Create the look you envision using intuitive tools that let you liquify, heal, patch, smooth, lighten and darken your images.

Work with large files

Edit high-resolution images as big as 64 megapixels without worrying about crashes or slowdowns. Photoshop Fix can handle anything you can create on iPad Pro or with the Apple Pencil.

Edit and adjust

Paint; experiment with color; add vignettes; and control exposure, contrast, saturation and focus using a range of essential image editing tools.

Take your images further

Send your retouched images directly to Photoshop CC with all layers intact so you can continue to refine the images or use them in other creative projects. Corpacer is an authorized Adobe Gold Reseller in Malaysia, please contact us at]]>