The first layer of defence

Secure Internet access for all employees in an organization is one of the central pillars of any business security strategy. Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway is a world-class anti-malware solution that ensures safe always-on Internet access for your entire workforce. Kaspersky-Internet-Security-2015-600x3001 POWERFUL PROTECTION, REDUCING DOWNTIME AND DISRUPTION Kaspersky Labs’ award-winning anti-malware engine blocks the latest known and potential malware threats from entering the local network via malicious or dangerous programs. The direct result is minimal disruption to business operations due to malware threats, and a reduction in associated costs. PERFORMANCE EFFICIENCY THROUGH OPTIMIZATION Optimized, intelligent scanning technology and load balancing reduce the load on resources, helping to preserve valuable bandwidth without compromising on security performance. MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT Support for the latest platforms and servers, including proxy servers, makes Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway a high value solution for organizations handling heavy network traffic volumes in heterogeneous environments. Microsoft Forefront TMG support extends to corporate mail as well as web gateway protection. STRAIGHTFORWARD MANAGEMENT AND REPORTING Simple, user-friendly management tools, flexible scan settings and protection status reporting systems ensure you and your administrators can control your security easily and efficiently. ]]>