Design and Deliver Better Civil Infrastructure with BIM

Autodesk Civil 3D® civil engineering design software supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation.

BIM 360 Design’s Collaboration for Civil 3D enables project teams to collaborate on Civil 3D data shortcut projects.

Collaboration for Civil 3D

Manage the exchange of design data, visualize changes, track project progress, and manage issues in a cloud-based single source of truth.

BIM 360 Project Creation

Set up project teams, add members, set user permissions, and more.

Connect to BIM 360 Design

Add a Civil 3D file to a BIM 360 project. Connect to BIM 360 through the Desktop Connector.


Relative Elevation Feature Lines

Obtain feature lines from a surface or relative to a surface, so feature lines update with changes to the surface.

Dynamic Offset Profiles

Create dynamic offset profiles using a default cross slope. Modify them by editing the profile properties.

Connected Alignments

Create a new dynamically linked alignment and profile that transitions between 2 intersecting alignments and their profiles.

Pipe Sizing and Analysis

Resize pipes and reset inverts, and compute the energy and hydraulic grade lines according to HEC-22 2009 standards.

Plan and Profile Sheet Generation

Create plan/plan and profile/profile sheets by including multiple plan or profile views on a single sheet.

Label Property Set Data

Add custom data to Civil 3D object labels by using property sets.

Traverse Editor

Create points, lines, and curves representing traverse legs and sideshots using COGO input and editing tools.

Corridor Overlap Resolution (bowties)

Resolve corridor bowties in daylighting conditions.