5 Tips to Get Started in After Effects

/ / Adobe / March 14, 2020

We came across at article that will be very helpful for all Beginners. Watch the video above and if you need more tips like above feel free to drop us a message.


You’ve got to start somewhere, and the best place is here. In this tutorial, Todd covers the fives essential things you need to know about After Effects. And once you master these, you’ll be ready to move on to some intermediate tasks.


  • How to give your composition motion blur to mimic real-life movement   Does your composition look blocky and unnatural? Unlock the power of the motion blur box to create speed tails for moving objects.
  • Learning all about Keyframing   Keyframes are the building blocks of motion graphics in AE. Learning how to master these will allow you to organize and execute property changes in your objects.
  • Easing your keyframes with the Speed Graph Editor  You ever see a professional graphic and think, “How did they get it to move so smoothly?”  Most of the time, it’s the Speed Graph editor.
  • Masks and Track Mattes  You’ve got to get good at hiding things if you want to excel in AE.
  • Null objects — Why add keyframes to every single object when you can pin them all to a single layer and then adjust all your layers?

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